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The Golan Heights
The Golan Heights is an elevated volcanic plateau south of Mount Hermon and stretches to the Hulla valley,the upper Jordan river and the Sea of Galilee(Kinnert).
The area has a varied amount of habitats; Wades with cliffs faces ,oak forests, gorges and waterfalls,agricultural land and orchards.
The Golan is excellent for birding and a large variety can be found all year round. Outstanding areas to mention are The Gamla Reserve which is in the south of the Golan and is northeast of the sea of galilee(Kinnert) it has a large amount of raptors such as the Griffon vultures, Egyptian vultures, Bonellis and Short-toed Eagles, Long-legged Buzzards all this add up to one of the highest densities of breeding raptors in the middle East.
Tel Hazeka is a great place for winter bird watching thePine Bunting can be found in small numbers with Yellowhamers
The apple orchards in the area of kibbutz Elrom and Eien zivan draw a wide variety of birds in the winter months you can see different kinds of Thrushes and the elusive Raddes Accentor .
Calandra Lark nest in spring on the agricultural land, also in the same area with the small population of Bimaculated Lark that nest on MT Hermonit slopes .
In winter time there are large numbers of reservoirs that you can fimd in them many ducks wintering in . Here are a list of Reservoirs I have recommended: Bnei Israel reservoir next to Hispin settlement, The Yacoosta reservoir next to Kibbutz
Metzar. Each of these reservoirs deserves investigation in the winter months.
In the winter the Golan attracts seed eating birds like Larks and Finches that winter in large flocks, these flocks of birds deserve a closer investigation if there are any other rarer species are part of them.
Key species found in the Golan according to season.
All year round: Bonelli's Eagle , Griffon Vulture , Long-legged Buzzard ,Eagle Owl, Little Swift,Calandra Lark,Long- Billed Pipit and a Southern grey Shrike.
Spring/summer Collared Pratincole,Black Headed Bunting,Masked Shrike, Woodchat Shrike, Rufous-bush Robin
Winter(Black Vulture ,Palid Harrier,Finches Wheatear,Red Fronted Serin,Pine Bunting, Little Bustard and Great Bustard.

The Golan is home to a large variety of mammals, most of which are difficult to observe due to there rarity and because of there nocturnal life styles. Here is a list of some of theses animals : Stripped hyena, wolves, jackals, foxes . the wild cats
Includes Wild Cat, Caracal and Jungle Cat.
Allsaw in the area Eurasian Budger, honey badgers, wild boars,mountain gazelles,Rock Hyrax and porcupines.
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