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Welcome to TatzpitBirding website by Lior Kislev .In this website you wiil find information that will help youplan your birding trip to Israel. in the Birds pages you will find when and where to see the species youhave on your wish listand to get an idea about the places and habitats you will see in your visit.Birding in Israel is comfortable and it isprobable the best place to see Birds migration in the Western Palearctic with more than 500Million Birds passing in the migration seasons. Israel is also a great place for wintering birds from Europe and Asia and even in the hot summer days you will find some exellent Birds in their nesting grounds. Im happy to offer you my guiding services for your custom tour.

Bar-tailed Godwit
Barbary Falcon
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Mt Hermon 
Golan heights 
Lake Kinnert 
Hula Valley 
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