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Birds of Israel
Divers to Boobys
Egrets to Flamingos
Birds of Prey
Partridge to Bustards
Skuas to Terns
Sandgrouses to Doves
Owls to Swifts
Kingfishers to Woodpeckers

Mammals of Israel
Odd-toed Ungulates
Evan-toed Ungulates

Reptiles of Israel

        Birding sites
Mt Hermon
Mount Hermon at  The north-eastern corner of Israel is a very mountainous region, Mount Hermon is Israel’s highest peak being 2 224m. The area has a variety of habitats from the snowy slops and the alpine meadows ...
Golan heights

 The Golan Heights is an elevated volcanic plateau south of Mount Hermon and stretches to the Hulla valley,the upper Jordan river and the Sea of Galilee(Kinnert)...

Lake Kinnert
The Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinnert) is the largest lake in Israel it lies in the Jordan Valley between the Galilee and the Golan...
Hula Valley

The Hula valley is the one of the best bird watching sites in Israel if not the entire Western Paleartic...
The Galilee
Some of the habitats in this area are open rocky areas with wades ,Mediterranean bush, oak trees,Pine forest ,fruit orchards ,olive groves...
The Carmel coast and Ma’agan Mikhael
Jezreel Valley
The agricultural land in the Jezreel Valley grows crops of wheat, cotton and corn, which attracts Passerines at the time of migration...
Bet Shean Valley
Bet Shean is known as the Eilat of the north with its oasis like habitats the palm and olive groves, wades and cliffs. The area of land that lies in the east of the Bet Shean valley is a very important site for migrating and wintering birds ...
The Dead Sea
The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth and at 412 meters below sea level. It is home to some unique desert species...
North Western Negev
The Western Negev
The Western Negev offers habitats of sand and rocky desert, low hills with sparse scrub land and agricultural farm land...
Central and Southern Negev
Central and the south Negev
The main habitats in this area are hills and planes with desert scarce vegetation, the high mountain range of Mitzpa Ramon
Eilat and the Arava Valley
Eilat and The Arava
Eilat is undoubtedly one of the most famous birding sites in the Western Palearctic . In spring it provides tremendous spectacles as thousands of birds migrate along the Arava from Africa to Europe
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