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        Birds of Israel
    Birds of Israel
The rich diversity of Israel’s bird, plant and animal life are due to the proximity of three continents. These continents are Africa, Asia and Europe. It is thanks to this proximity that we can observe birds such as the White-breasted Kingfisher and the Black Francolin that are found in Asia along side Black-bush Robin and Spur-winged Lapwing whose habitats are found in Africa and also the Hawfinch who are more common to Europe.
The verity of habitats and climate are all part of what makes Israel such an attractive place for birding.
Habitats: The coast line of the Mediterranean and Red sea, natural and manmade water ways rivers, and streams.
Agricultural land, fruit orchards, and vineyards. Pine and oak forests, wadi’s and kenyons, craters. Sand and rock deserts with vegitation, desert cliffs and oasis springs. In all these habitats you will find thriving bird and animal colonies that are suited to the climate and feeding of these areas. You will also find birds that are not from these habitats that have adapted themselves.
530 species of birds have been observed in Israel. This number is made up of: Permanent residents part of which are migrating, summer and winter birds that come and go .Birds of the same species that certain types migrate and other colonies stay all year round .

Species of nesting birds
There are more than 200 Species of birds nesting in Israel. 175 of which nest annually the others are irregular nesters like the rare Basra Reed-Warbler who has been observed in the Hulla valley.
57 nesting species which are permanent residents like the House Sparrow The rest are summer nesting birds like the Black-eared Wheatear.
The nesting season begins in January The Eurasian Eagle-Owl starts nesting and the Common Whitethroat returns from Africa. The last species to nest is the Eurasian Hobby and the Sooty Falcon. These birds food source are winged insects and small birds they nest late because of the plentiful supply of food for there young as the small song birds begin to migrate. Nearly all the migrating bird come here from Africa with exception to the Black-headed Bunting who comes from India.

Wintering species
216 species arrive in Israel in autumn and leave in the spring. They migrate here from Europe and Asia, some such as the Starling and the Common Crane spend the winter in large flocks. Lots of seed eaters spend the winter in Israel in mixed flocks including finches and Larks. There are bird that winter alone like the Common Chiffchaff and the Pallid Scops-Owl there are also birds that pass the winter in pairs like the Stonechat.
A large variety of Raptors winter in Israel, more than 20 different species. Natural and artificial bodies of water such as fishponds, salt pools and sewerage ditches attract water foul and other birds to the abundant food supplies at these locations.

Migratory bird species
Israel is a country of migration, this phenomena was recorded in biblical times when the first mention of migrating birds was of Jeremiah describing to his followers lines of cranes and storks across the skies.
283 kinds of migratory birds pass over Israel, Part of these stay to winter or summer here.
Bird migration is a spectacular sight. In the autumn more than 500 million birds make there way from Europe to Africa and Asia and back again in the spring. Autumn migration begins about mid June at this time the first Waders appears, autumn migration ends in the middle of December with its peak time being mid August to mid November. Spring migration is from the middle of January at witch time the common Whitethroat and Great Spotted Cuckoo can be seen on there way north. The spring migration ends mid June. Peak spring migration is from the beginning of March to mid May, so you could say Israel has a continual migration all year round! The reason for this constant migration sequence is that Israel is located in between Europe and Africa and the birds that migrate coming from an amazing variety of climates and habitats and from a huge area .There are two different types of flight during migration. The first is active, when the bird uses its wings in a continual flapping motion. The second is passive, which is used by the raptors who glide. This group also includes storks, pelicans and Common Cranes that combine both migration flight styles. Song birds and other birds that use active flight prefer to fly at night using the day light to feed and rest. The bigger birds which use soaring and gliding, are carried by the currents of warm air Thermals that only exist during the day. The migration patterns of raptors are governed by two major routes of migration, a kind of celestial highway over Israel. White Pelican, Lesser spooted Eagle can be seen mainly on the western routes. Honey Buzzards and Steepe Buzzards prefer the eastern routes over the Rift valley .

Occasional species:
More than 130 species of birds are classified as occasional visitors to Israel, because is not on there regular migration route. Some of these birds come from Asia like the Grey Hypocolius and Red-wattled Lapwing .
Other Birds are from Africa like the Cape Teal and Black Bush Robin, there are also birds from Europe like the Gossander and there are even birds from America like Franklin Gull and American Golden Plover . Israel unique and a magnet to many birds because of its location at the junction of three continents and is on the major migration routes of many birds from Europe, Africa and Asia .

The information on this site contains photographs of the birds found in Israel with information of when and where to find them. You will find over 352 species of bird photographs. If you have taken pictures which are not in this collection. I would be pleased to put them on my site
All photographs on this site are protected and can only be reproduced with permission from the Photographers .I hope you find my site informative and you enjoy the photographs
Lior Kislev.

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